Saturday, July 17, 2010

Golan heights...

The weather forecast predicted rain for Saturday, so I shy not make use of the Friday and go for a ride? =)

Thought long and hard where to go, wanted to ride some trails I haven't visited for a while, remembered that there was some nice ones in Östansbo, called Golan for some reason, might be for the fact that it's placed on a sloping hill side?

To minimize the amount of asphalt I had to take some familiar trails to get there.
Climbing up the hill from Gammelgården.
Took the 10km track until I got to a really tricky, technical trail.
Took a short pause in the blueberry fields.
Have to find the shot I took here of the bike but with the original paint.
Slightly more grass now in the deforested area.
Had a nice decent to Jägarnäsbadet.
Then it was all up hill to Östansbo, and then sweet trails down hill until I got to Lorensbergatjärn, the trail was almost impenetrable because of all grass and vegetation, made it down to the water eventually.
After that it was up to Högberget. LOTS of grass there too, so much I took the wrongt trail. Found this shelter I don't remember seeing before and just a few hundred meters further there was another one.
Climbed all the way up to the radio tower and went down the old ski slope.
When I almost had closed the loop I found this three, it had snapped half way and was now suspended by it's neighbouring trees, don't want to be close when it comes down!
Did a try to take a trail next to the Marnästjärn but that too was grown shut. Turned back again.
There was someone working on the museum buildings, fixing the walls or roof.
Back home again, almost 2h later!


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