Monday, July 19, 2010

Gesunda II

A loosely planned trip to Njupeskär this Sunday was cancelled so to make something on Sunday I deiced to go to Gesuda again.

The weather hadn't been the best if one likes sun but while driving north towards Mora the skies slowly cleared up, some ominous clouds still lingering about...

A bit windy and a slightly more humane temperature of 16-17 degrees Celsius at 10 o'clock AM this sunday compared to last weekend.

While I was shooting the mountain from the open car window a big insect hit me hard, thankfully I managed to keep the car on the road but now I was worried I had a angry wasp somewhere in the car! Had to pull over and locate the insect and it turned out to be a groggy bee! =)

First thing I see when parking at the foot of the hill is a horse!

More bikers from Ludvika, they had a slight dilemma, one of the bikes were locked with a big ABUS lock but the key was some 2h car ride away... They managed to get hold of a angle grinder and cut the lock and save the day, wonder what the tool owner though?! ;)

There was more prominent guests at Gesunda, a triple from Gothenburg was spending their weekend here, PelleHå, pbeijer and Obed had arrived on Saturday! Here we are waiting for our lunch, except pbeijer since he got someone else's pizza!

There were some wind gusts and one of the huge parasols fell on it's side!

To prevent that from happening to our parasol we folded it, somehow PelleHå got stuck inside!

pbeijjer and PelleHå makes a few dry runs on the practice ski lift. ;)

Testing the regular lifts.

Preparing for decent!

Obed on "Skogsmys".



Same trail further down.

This was once just a barely visible trail through the heather.

Now it's a full blown highway with berms! :)

Still fun, the rain from last day dried up fast.

A few wet spots here and there though.

Nothing that was worth avoiding, I was still quite clean even if the bike was muddy.

But that was until I stood here to take a shot of pbeijer, one can just barely see the cloud of dirt coning against me here! Now I was covered in mud, almost... :)

Still same trail further down.

Got a bit too close. Alway a challenge to try capture action shots with a compact camera.

Here Obed's fork decided to loose almost all it's stroke, it had been acting weird a while before it, thankfully it was at the end of the day.

PelleHå tries to stare me down in "Arga-leken"

We kept going on the "Skogsmys" while Obed rolled down to the local bike shed.

Testing some "Spray & pray" with the Casio:s 30 frames/sec burst mode. PelleHå jumps on one of the last jumps in "Magic Carpet" before the corner jump.

That was about all I shot that day in Gesunda. This time I didn't have to go swim in the lake since I could borrow a shower in the cabin they had rented, what a luxury! :)

Way more fun to ride with friends than alone, not as many decents as when one is alone but clearly worth it! ;)

Thanks again fellows for the company, I gave some vague threats that I would come and visit them in Göteborg later this summer, hopefully enjoy some of the great trails they have there!

On the way home I went to Romma for a visit at Roberts sister, think I will post a separete entry about that...


  1. I soo need to get my shit together!

  2. Thx for a great day, Harri. Great to have some photos to remember this day by. See you in august. =)