Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Ride V

Four days in a row with cycling! Today the weather was truly great, around 20 degrees Celsius, plus! :)
Forgot the number of riders but there were plenty!
On our way to Kloten, circa 30km one way.
We turned around at the camping, after half of the guys "watered" the vegetation. Including me. ;)
Nice place for camping!
We were still welcome back.
We passed numerous fields filled with flowers and some beautiful scenery, but I was too busy keeping up with the group to take photos, just as we passed Snöån I heard a terrible noise behind me and brutal sounds, several riders had fallen!

One cyclist seemed to be in really bad shape, luckily a car showed up and I think it was someone that knew the rider so she got a lift, presumably to the nearest emergency clinic. Several more riders had scratches and bruises, I hope there were no sever injuries!

I felt stronger today than I thought I would and it was a great ride until the accident! Too bad such things happen, let's hope everyone is OK! It was supposed to be a mellow ride since Vätternrundan is this weekend!

The route:

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  1. Aoch, hope the fallen is OK and don't have to cancel Vätternrundan!