Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday ride, Borlänge.

Finally managed to get time over to participate in Borlänges MTB-ride. Loaded my car with bike gear and got to Borlänge, I was a bit early so I took the opportunity to visit their Systembolaget, they have a bigger selection of nice beers than Ludvika! :)

But before I got to Borlänge I had to make a quick visit in the nature. While there I noticed this butterfly but I scared it away before I got a decent shot...

Outside Borlänge city centre the dark clouds were clearly visible, I got a few raindrops on the car on my way here...

By the time as was at the starting point the sun was shining and the weather looked nice!

After some waiting for another participant that was late we got on our way and hoped the guy would catch up later. Which he did. :)

We followed the railroad out of Borlänge, this was almost the same route I did a few years ago, I remembered it as a nice ride so I did not oppose! :)

Past some farmhouses to get to the road.

After some gravel road riding we were getting close to the trail. :)

Past some more farmers...

Not so happy about snowmobiles, did not see any today!

Freshly cut grass, it was a really strong smell, but nice! :)

The view wasn't bad either. Dalälven visible from here.

Just one more from the field.

Spot the lawnmower man! (Can't remember if that move sucked or blowed?)

Some nice roads.

Bengt, the leader of this pack, explained the route ahead.

Now the sweet stuff really got sweet!

Some more climbing. Steep climbing!

Next section of single track!

The water was really high!

But here we were high above the water. :)

Best section by far, Göstas stig! (Or "Göstas väg" more correctly)

Didn't manage to catch the two first riders... :(

Even if the last ride was two years ago I had vivid memories of this passage.

Yet more climbing, luckily short one.

Now we were back on the large sandy ridge.

A short detour to the old ferry post.

No one was up for a swim!

Water was high after all the raining lately.

Sure was nice weather this evening, no one was in a hurry.

Well, by now my legs had lost most of their oomph, the consecutive days of biking had taken it's toll.

The sun was getting low and the ride was almost 30 minutes over schedule but who cared with weather like this? =)

By the way, we passed here earlier and I did my worst crash this year, worst crash since I forgot when even! I was cruising on the trail, quite fast, decided to change path and suddenly I was tumbling trough the air!

I had made a major OTB and the bike tumbled on after I bite the dust, I had hit either a big stone or tree stump sticking up, hid in the long grass, the pedal got stuck while I continued forward!

Scraped my left knee and the handle bar on the bike had to be aligned, at first I thought I had got a big splinter in my hand but it was just sticking out of a finger hole in the glove! =)

So typical one makes a big crash on the flat!

Same road again but on the way back to the starting point. Not much photos after this, mostly transport and I was exhausted!

After thanking for the guiding, I got in the car and drove home, had to shoot this panorama of the sky before getting in for food and a well deserved shower!

GPS-plot of the route:

Thanks for the ride and I hope I can manage to participate a few more times this summer! =)


  1. Nice. Hope you're not too sore from your OTB.

  2. Nice ride, pick me up next time! :)

    Sounds like a hard OTB, hope you're feelin' fine today!

  3. It was a great ride despite the crash! Not too sore, mostly feel my knee, now I have a heel spur and sore knee on my left leg! Next up is the hip! ;)

    Tobbe: Sorry, will call next time, in time. :)
    Didn't even call Alf, which I should have done now that I think of it!