Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lake tour...

It was supposed to be raining this weekend but the forecast was wrong! This Saturday the sun was shining but the wind was cold as h*ll! It must been coming from somewhere over the arctic sea but I didn't let that stop me from taking a ride around the lake Väsman!

Went anti-clockwise, usually I go the other way.
Hardly no traffic on the bike lane.
Could keep good speed.
I could enjoy the scenery.
Don't remember the last time it was so little traffic on the road around Väsman, could be because of Vätternrundan and the fact that the Swedish Crown Princess Viktoria was having a wedding?

Did one stop during the ride, it was to take this panorama over Väsman near Stensbo. It turned out better than I had expected!
Didn't even stop in Sunnansjö at T&A to say hello! I looked but could not see any activity on the premises! ;)
Final image, passing the new bridge.
Here I noticed that the average speed was 29,4 km/h! So I decided to speed things up and pedaled like a maniac, seemed to make a difference, managed to boost the average speed above 30km/h! :)

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