Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Annual ride to Grängesberg...

At least once a year (third time so far?) I try to make a ride to Grängesberg on my mountain-bike, trying to avoid the trafficked roads using trails and forest roads.

This time it happened to be on a Monday, the weather have been great and the temperatures well above 20 degrees Celsius! =)

Passed the yet again, dry stream.

Took the opportunity to take a self portrait of my best side...

The view to the other way.

Crazy strong head wind, thankfully it was less obvious in the forest.

Not sure why, but at the humongous propane-tanks near ABB there was this big flame, I suspect they were burning off expanding excess propane from the tank in the heat.

Nice weather for some sailing, the winds must been perfect!

Some scenery on the way to the bike path.

Hmm, looks like the build is progressing, now they got some color on the walls.

The bike path is running on old railway, flat, straight and boring at times. :)

A good opportunity to take some photos...

Finally off the asphalt.

Followed the forest road until the end where it continued as a trail, upwards of course.

Some climbing.

Found another trail and decided to see where it went, turned out it just made a loop and I came back where I started, did however find this nice small pond.

Came finally out on the other side, was looking for the next trail head but managed to miss it somehow and when I got to the railway boom I had to turn back and look again.

Found the trail! Not this smooth further on, rocky and technical! Didn't want to stop for photos since I got covered with mosquitoes in 5 seconds when ever I stood still!!

Came out of the forest to this area with man made "lakes", left over from the mining era.

A few more gravel roads.

A short ride on the asphalt to Klenshyttan. Noticed on the GPS-map afterwards that there is a big possibility that there should be a trail I could use instead, have to check it out next time.

Almost bike past this small stream, but turned back and climbed down for a few shots, must get here in the spring when there is more water flowing.

After a long time on gravel roads I started to get closer to Grängesberg, passed these pile of debris that was left behind after the deforestation.

Last year I found a better route on the end and I almost biked past the crossing this time.

Came up to a open area, seems like there is some alternatives for trail choice here too, have to take a look for a new route with less gravel road and more trail next time.

Even got some slick rock. ;)

Some smooth and fast parts.

Still got some sun.

Didn't recognize all the trails after the forest been cut so I figured all trails going down should work. ;)

Seemed to work great, came straight to Björkås and just a few hundred meters from the destination.

After almost 2h and 24km I was at the goal!

The neighbours cat wasn't that impressed...

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After a big bowl of salmon soup it was time to get home before the sun set completely.

Made good speed on the bike lane but I had to stop and take some shots of these petrified trolls! ;)

Passed between the rock and a hard place...

Made it to Blötberget, took the road since the sun was shining on it so I had to take a alternative route back to the bike lane, passed these old buildings.

Back on track!

Not many minutes left now.

Got some nice scenery on the way.

Had to stop and shoot a few shots.

Ludvika in sight.

Testing the zoom.

On the bike lane behind ABB I decided to ride the concrete dividers between the road and the bike lane, there were some 1m gaps here and there that I jumped over, the first two, three went fine but suddenly the front wheel went off the divider and I lost control over the bike.

I smashed down on to the pavement head first, felt how my head bounced hard on the asphalt twice before I stopped gliding...

Took a while before I got up, a couple that was out walking had seen the crash and asked how I was, same with a girl on a bike in front of me that had turned when she heard the noise!

I was convinced that I was bleeding from the head considering the blow I got, the couple assured me I was fine in the head but I didn't belive them so I took a photo to see for my self, they laughed when they realised what I was doing. :)

The almost brand new helmet is now trash. Time to get a new one, good thing I had one!!!

The couple spoke a while to me to check I was ok and refused to leave before I called someone to come get me. While I was waiting I took a shot of of the sun going down.

The saddle took some beating too...

Super thanks to Ryddan that came and drove me home, it wasn't that far but perhaps it was the best! Thanks again!!!

After getting the bike and gear into the apartment I went to the local hospitals emergency ward and got checked. The doctor made some tests and she said I should be ok, no signs of concussion. *puh!*

Got some plasters for the wounds on my left arm and knee and got back home, today my neck is really sore, had problem getting sleep last night since I felt the neck every time i moved. Still glad I came away with so little damage after all! Not so good ending on a otherwise nice day...

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  1. Looks like a nice ride. Well, apart from the crash of course...

  2. Yeah, until then it was great! =)

  3. Va'fin bild på huset i Grängesberg! /Sari

  4. Bummer on the crash! We've ridden those puny concrete barriers for ages and never thought much about it. Suppose they figured it was time to show who's in charge!?

    Good thing to have a medical check-up in case that neck pain will haunt you in a couple of years. :(