Friday, May 7, 2010

Up to the limit!

After a few short rides on relatively easy trails it's was time to see how the "new" and improved Surly Pugsley would preform on some more demanding surfaces!

I left work shortly after 16, got home and quickly changed into bike gear and went out, since the wind was blowing hard I made a wise decision to do the planned ride in reverse, by doing this I got the wind in my back while transporting my self across the town to the trail head! :)

Turned out to be a good decision, the wind was hardly noticeable in the woods and there the speed was way slower! ;)

On the way I passed the stream that was dry so I could not resist going down and try the slick rocks in the dry river bed.

After enjoying that I had to try the slick rocks at Hällarna too.
Nice day, but windy.
It's almost possible to keep on the rocks all the way on the beach.

Made it all the way to the trail head at the end (or start?) of Lake Haggen, and with only a few short detours. ;)
From the trail head it's a long steep climb. When I got past the worst parts, I met this sight, snow! *Brrrr*
Doesn't show how bad I was sweating after the climb. ;)
Some spring streams still active from the melting snow.
Someone build a tower of stones where the trail splits.
Didn't have to ride for long on the less used trail before I came across a tree that had fallen straight over the trail.
In some kind of magic way the tree suddenly split and it was possible to ride past without problem. ;)
That was just the beginning, lost track of how many trees that was blocking the passage, luckily most of them were smaller than the first one but this was by far the most clogged one!
Yet again the trees just magically disappeared!
Fortunately there were not many trees after that and I could make good time to the terrain track, that one was cleared using chain saws! Ran across this sign. Think it said "No mountain bikes". ;)

Some disturbed individual think they can apply their own rules in a "public" forest, wonder what it takes to get that pathetic?
After that sign it was all joy running down the hill towards home!
After over 2h on the bike I was hungry, decided to make cannelloni for the first time in my life, didn't have Parmesan at home so I used cheaper cheese instead, still tasted wonderful! Have to make it again with the right ingredients...

Starting to regret I put gears on the Pugsly. Now I have no excuses left NOT to use it for the trails I have avoided because of all the climbing! ;)

I can also conclude that there is no need for a chain guide in the front, the chain stayed put despite my efforts to make it shake loose! Used the gears in both extremes, high/low over rough terrain and I trust it will work all the time, that's enough for me!


  1. Cannellonin såg smarrig ut! Det får du gärna bjuda på! /S

  2. I'm getting ready to go for the first trail ride for a good while and your pics certainly made me even more eager to get going so thanks!

  3. Magnolia: Det var lite pyssel att fylla makaronerna men det var värt. :)

  4. Micke: Great! looking forward for a ride report on your blog! :)