Friday, May 14, 2010

Holy moly!!!

Got my monthly petrol bill in my Internet bank today, got a small chock when I saw the sum, 71 054:- Sek!!!

Luckily there is a possibility to see the invoice and that calmed me down! :)
A slightly more realistic 710,54:- Sek.

We'll see if I have to call the company or if they will take the invoice back, or perhaps it's just me who got the comma sign misplaced...


  1. Yikes! I'm with Tobbe, call 'em.
    Some months ago I never got any e-bill from my petrol card company so I called them and asked where it was. Turns out I hadn't made any petrol purchases that month. That's how much use our car is seeing...

  2. Ring dem! Inte kul om det blir fel för att det blivit fel... /Sari

  3. what you running?, a tank? lol...