Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hillklinten raid.

Today I managed to make the longest bike ride of the year, the weather wasn't that inviting and it took time before I got out. Headed for Håksberg without a clear plan where to go, thought that I will decided what way to go depending on my form.

Started with a warm-up on the gravel road.

Visited a neglected garden on the way. That's a apple tree left to it's own.

Can't stop documenting my gears... :)

A old stone wall was a nice backdrop, with some spring flowers in the foreground. Here my sister called and wondered if we were to go visit T&A, I thought I would have to end my ride before it really started.

Turned out that T&A were in Örebro and would not be home in several hours, perfect, I could continue the ride without stress. :)

Lot's of traffic on the narrow bridge today, the short time I spent there two people passed by.

Had to shoot my bike in a sea of wind flowers!

More bike shots, this time in a stream.

More flowers, this time colts foot flowers. This was after I had made a long climb up a timber road.

Up here is a nice small pond, there's been a lot of deforestation's around here but luckily they preserved the trees around the pond.

Didn't manage to get a shot of the duck.

There is a small dam keeping the water in the pond.

Then there was more climbing on narrow paths. Here I'm on the last gravel road up to the top where the sandy remains from the mining operations was scattered.

Now the sun was shining and I had to drop the thickest sweater in the heat!

Someone had torched a car up here, another perfect backdrop. :)

Magnificent view back over Ludvika.

The damn big dam. ;)

A propeller plane passed over my head.

Lot's of dirt bike tracks here, glad I had the Endomorphs in the loose 'sand'! =)

Did a try to locate some trail leading out from the old lake bottom but had no luck, did however stumble over this feeding apparatus to feed roe deers. There was a timer in the bottom of the plastic barrel and a battery that had ballooned for some reason. In the barrel was grain.

Since I couldn't find any trail to continue I decided to push the bike up a steep hill, Hillklinten, came across Tobbes "bridge" that was left in a half built state.

Felt brave and walked on the two tree stems(?) that wasn't covered, a bit shaky but I made it over without falling down in to the wet moss beneath. perhaps some day the bridge should be completed...

Then it was push bike time. No use to try ride the bike here...

The view was even more fantastic from up here!

Finally I made it up to the slick rocks on the top! Some old remains from a mast or tower that stood here.

Now I had a view to the other side of the hill.

Time for a brake!

Now I was starting to run out of power, both in the phone and my self, so I took no photos of the decent, but the climb was definitely worth it! From here I had several kilometers on winding trails going slightly downwards, pure joy!

More views, could not resist taking photos despite the low power in my phone.

Found a new, super fast gravel trail that I will visit again but armed with a full suspension bike!

More breathtaking views.

I spent almost 4h to cover 24km, but who's in a hurry? ;)

The last trail down to the bike lane was the best biking I had this year, didn't believe I was capable going down hill that fast on a rigid bike! The rest was just transport home with a few trails here and there, wanted to get home before the batteries ran out and I would loose GPS-tracking of the complete ride.

Looks like a did the fastest speeds on the end of the ride. =)

Definitely the best ride of the year so far, also felt good that I had the stamina to be out biking for almost 4h. With a few brakes but non the less.


  1. Yeah, that trail down into Sörvik is fun. But that bike ain't rigid with 3" of rubber. It's more like a FX XC. ;)

  2. Photorama deluxe! I sort of wish I snapped many pics but during a solo ride I just wanna ride. Feel the flow uninterrupted by photo stops.