Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It was about time! It's like having a new bike all of a sudden! Oh Sweet gears... =)

Never thought gears would make such a difference, my time spent on the Pugsley will quadruple! Now I can use all the regular trails around here, the possibility to be able to climb all the steep hills is amazing! Not to mention the transports that will be like a breeze now! Sorry about all the exclamation marks but I'm so pleased! :)



A very nice evening.
The water in small boat harbour was completely calm.
Since I now have gears on my Pugsley I had to modify the sticker, one letter, big difference! ;)
As so many times before I wonder why didn't I do this earlier? Now that I will be able to make longer rides I'm starting to think about getting a Thudbuster to spare my back, sure the tires gives some cushion but after more than four hours in the saddle on a rigid bike takes a toll on my back...

To my surprise the gears worked flawlessly without any adjustments, even went down some stairs and rode on some bumpy trails but the chain stayed put on the front chain ring! If I start to get problems with that I think a taco set-up with bash guards will suffice.

GPS-plot of my test ride:


  1. Oh, yes, and proud of it! :)

  2. Haha, on f*cking speed! :-)
    I'm getting used to riding my Marin with just the one speed. 38/17 is waaay too easy when I'm riding alone but when using the trail gator with Lo or pulling the trailer full of groceries I couldn't push a harder gear.
    Anyway, nice with a bit of a "new bike feeling" for ya!

  3. :)
    Can imagine that a towing a kid + bike makes a huge difference compared going solo!

    Havet to go for a ride today, good thing I have a lot of extra flex-time!

  4. thumbs up on the gears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want a thud buster too for my pug, had a use sus post but i just pogo`d up and down on it...
    digging the modified sticker too!!!!

  5. So... Now you have to get an proper SS?

  6. Proper SS... A Karate Monkey would suffice.. ;)