Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wake up sleepy legs!

Got to work early today so thanks to that I could quit in good time before the sun started to set. Been sick all last week and not until Sunday before I started to feel somewhat good again, my nose is still rinning but I wasn't going to let that stop me from taking a short ride with my road bike. Have to wake up my legs, been way to long since last ride!

Tried to get some sense of what direction the wind was coming from and decided to around lake Hagge counter clockwise. Had tailwind a short while but as usual it felt like I had head wind most of the time...
Took a short brake on a road that crosses the water and took a few shots, manage to scare some ducks. A bit cold wind but nice weather non the less.
After the stop I started to go upwards and where it was going as slowest some (damn) farmer had spilled manure all the way to the top and some more, too bad Internet lacks "smelly-vision" so I can't share the nice aroma with you. Thankfully the cranes compensated slightly for that.
Wonder if it's the same birds I saw last year same time?

Next stop was a the stream, had to stop and watch the masses of water flowing there, the spring flooding is here for certain!
Luckily I didn't have any money on me so no ice cream.
Then it was transport all the way to the junction in to Harnäs and the newly re-surfaced bridge.
I manged to keep my self from not to use too much force, don't want to get sick again and not to be totally depleted for the ride tomorrow! =)