Sunday, April 11, 2010

That time again...

Switched tires on my Swift, then on my moms Micra. Switching to summer tires after spike tires always feels better than the other way around! The nice weather didn't bother much either. :)

Can't say I'm fully recovered from the cold yet, sweated more than usual bouncing tires, couldn't keep my self from washing the car despite it, just a quick hose down. Must use rubbing next time and put on some wax, the surface feels almost like sandpaper, and that's after the wash...

Went and bought new windscreen wipers to the Micra, instead of a lot of adapters there was a universal adapter on the new wiper, the instructions really sucked and it took a while before I got the hang of how it was supposed to be used.

Usually I can figure out how stuff is supposed to work quite fast but this one was a challenge! Must been constructed by the same fellow who constructed the mechanics in a video player! ;)


  1. Sweet! Around here icy mornings/nights are still a bit too likely so I'm sitting tight for now.
    I also recently mounted new wipers and damn it took a while to figure out how those adapters was supposed to work!

  2. Yeah, wipers can take far more time than changing wheels... I have brand spanking new rubbers for the summer season, but I'll wait until Sunday before I make the switch. I think.

  3. Glad to hear I wasn't alone scratching my head with those adapters! :)

    There was some frost on the road this morning but I don't really need to use my car (mostly).

    Tobbem you managed to get the right tires? :)

  4. Nah, I ordered 195/65 R15 instead of 195/60 R15 but that's no major concern.