Friday, April 30, 2010

Rf 8 vs. Rf 10

Bought a Rochefort 8 when I was i Falun, took the opportunity to visit systembolaget there since they got a much wider selection than in Ludvika. I already have a private stash with Rochefort 10:s so I decided to try both at the same time to see which one i prefer.

Rochefort 8 vs. Rochefort 10
After intensive research I can conclude that I still prefer the RF10, but when I first tried them I actually liked the RF8, but that was when the beer still was (too) cold. After a while the beverage got less chilled and all the fantastic flavors in the RF10 started to emerge!

The aftertaste of the RF8 fades away fast while the RF10 lingers in the mouth and keep delivering some nice aromas. =)

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