Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peloton première!

First ride with the Wednesday bike ride group today, I think there are many more to come! Something special about riding in 30km/h with none or little effort!

Too bad about miss M:s nasty looking crash, I hope you won't be too badly bruised tomorrow! Thankfully it seemed like there were no major injury and she could complete the ride.

Took a few shots with my cell phone during the ride:
A short video, warning for wind noice!


Date Views Activity Distance Duration Avg.speed Max.speed Avg.pace
14.04.2010 2 Cycling 44.0 km 1 h 38 min 56 s 26.7 km/h 49.0 km/h 2 min 14 s per km

Link to Tobbes blog with more photos and decent video!


  1. Yeah, it was a good ride. I figured out the twists and turns in Smedjebacken when I saw the GPS-plot. We did not cross the road I was confused about, we rode it. :D

  2. Ok, yeah, that must have felt confusing. :)