Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Y.A.R. (Yet Another Ride)

The afternoons are really getting lighter now, no need to go ride during lunch hour any more! =)

Got home a bit earlier than usually, changed to clothes better suited for biking and headed put, managed to go 400-500 meters before I noticed something was not right, my head felt much colder than it should, then it hit med that I had to forget to put the helmet on!

Well, after that minor incident I manged to get away on a short ride, changed my plans during the time I fetched the helmet and decided to go to the shore and look for snowmobile tracks that might be ride-able.

The track parallel to the stream was fully ride-able. so far so good.
Stopped for a few snapshots:
Passed under the railroad bridge and the sun was setting, I walked into the snow to catch the last rays, the snow went up to my waist!
Continued the ride, found a shortcut made by a snowmobile.
There was some tracks left by the snowmobiles but I only managed to bike them a short time before I got exhausted and gave up. :(
Used the time I needed to catch my breath to shoot some more.
Waist deep in snow again, there is no bearing capacity on the snow. Wish I was light as a leaf!
Not much traffic here, last year there was a lot of tracks right here.
After getting tired of all the snow I rode on the bike lanes to the other side of town. No handicapped had parked here...
The sun still manged to shine on the large ABB buildnings.
The bike lanes so far was fairly well plowed but here they apparently gave up, I rode a few hundred meters before I bailed out and went out on to the road.
After that I was too tired and too cold to bother shoot more photos.



  1. love the pics...esp the shadow biker!

  2. Thanks! Too bad I lost the head on the shadow biker. :)