Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fruitless hunt...

Took a walk yesterday, the weather was amazing, several degrees plus and the sun was shining, decided to hit the nearest forest to see if I might be able to sneak up on some deers or at least a fox.

Despite the warm weather the snow hasn't melted that much.
Went to check on the beehive, the bees seem to be out as soon as the temperature goes up above zero, found a lot of unlucky bees in the snow, can't be easy to wake up this early.
A larger flying object passed above me.
Even the birds were scarce in the forest, managed to catch some of them, 200mm is far to little when hunting for birds, even with the crop factor of DX sensors.
Big lumps of snow was still stuck on some of the trees.
Walked up the "Gröna stigen" and to my surprise the road was thoroughly plowed way up the hill, why haven't I've been here more often? Might be because I could hardly ride the bike last time? ;)

When I got further up the road the reason was obvious, there had been more logging in the forest.
I need a 150-500mm lens. ;)
The sunshine made all the trees to drip water and once in a while big chunks of snow tumbled down and got smashed against the branches.
Couldn't see the forest because of all the trees in my sight.
Ginormous snow mushroom.
A real "mushroom".
After slightly over an hour I was back where I started.
Had to take a final shot this ice stalagmite.
No luck with the deer sightings, as most often when I have the camera with me, well, managed to loose some calories while trying. :)



  1. That was an ugly felling head. ;)

    We've got deer tracks some centimeters from our house! :-O I think I'll have to do a "Runar" and hunt from the kitchen window. :D

  2. Coastkid: Thanks! Then the walk wasn't in vein. =)

    Tobbe: Ugly in general or? :)

    Now that you got 'free' electricity you can place a large copper sheet on the ground and wait til the deer(s) stand on it, then just switch on the current! ;)