Sunday, March 28, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Easter Edition.

So now it's finally ready, had some doubts about the stickers, it took some time but I think I managed to pull it through!

Started with a Giant Reign 2006 frame. Updates: New rear rim, Mavic XM317 DISC, Shimano XT rear gear shifter, Shimano XT rear derailleur, Shimano XT cables, Shimano XT 9-speed Cassette M770, Shimano Wheels Hubs MTB XT Disc Hub Rear M756 36h Black 6-Bolt, Shimano Chains HG73 Chain 9 Speed. New DU bushings for the Manitou Swinger 3-way, new roller bearings in the rear swing.
Since they are only stickers it will be fairly easy to replace them as they get trashed or I get tired of them.
Can't do the same with the colors but I think I will cope with them.
As I mentioned earlier I have tried to copy the color scheme from my old Gary Fisher Paragon. When I bought it I wasn't that excited about the white/orange combo but it grew on me over the years.
Only time will tell if the colors will stay on good or if it will chip off when it gets bombarded with loose stones and mud.
One "funny" discovery was that the XT rear derailleur simply refused to work properly until I replaced the derailleur hanger with a spare one, perhaps explains why the SRAM X-9 derailleur wasn't working flawlessly. Still impressed that it worked better than the new XT!
Now I can start my next project, put gears on the Pugsley!

A few "before" shots:


  1. Ja jäklar det där blev snyggt, grattis!

  2. Holy orange rims and fork batman! I dig! And any way you look at it, it's certainly unique.

  3. Alfsomfar: Tackar, tackar! =)

    Mickegillarcyklar: Thank you! Yeah, the uniqueness sure was one of the driving forces for the makeover. :)

  4. Woah! That turned out WAY better then I thought, really really nice! Perhaps fill out the head tube logo with orange too?

    Äre en Crescent? ;P

  5. Tobbe: Thanks! :)

    You noticed the missing head badge, I removed it before the paint job, it's chromed (cracked chrome) right now, have not yet decided if it will be black or orange... Just filling with paint would make the bike lighter. ;)

  6. Mein gud... That was one of the best looking makeovers I've seen.
    Too bad my Reign X hasn't been used yet. It feels a little bit strange to repaint it before I've used it.
    But mine would naturally be green/white.

  7. //harri that looks nice!,
    much better than when standard...
    an ideal bike for glentress riding!

  8. Thanks! Yeah, it was hard to make it worse.. ;)

    Too bad we probably will rent the bikes for glentress but thanfully there is plenty of trails around here, even if they're not quite up to glentress quality. =)

  9. gears on pugsley?...have you considered an alfine hub?, i have one thats getting fitted to existing rim in 2 weeks,no more grass and mud filled mechs!

  10. A Alfine hub has crossed my mind, but I opted the cheap route, the old SRAM derailleur from the Reign will end up on the pug.

    Did a thorough research and tried to find some info about Alfines on pugsleys but didn't find as much as I wished. Mostly confused about what spoke lenghts to use...

    Perhaps I will come to my senses when the X-9 breaks down. :)