Monday, February 15, 2010


A velodrome indeed, the first one in Sweden in a long time! It's not even completely finished but that doesn't stop the hard core enthusiasts! :)

It's located in Falun, approximately a 1hr drive from Ludvika, it's put built under the supervision of a Canadian (originally a Czech) named Peter Junek who's done tracks all over the world. The track is 190meters long and 5 meters wide and covered with birch plywood.

YA Arenas web page:

Got a chance this Sunday to go there and take a look at the place and take some photos, unfortunately I was a bit late and the session ended earlier than expected, so there wasn't much time to get some decent shots. The lighting was on the poor side and it took some while before I managed to get some what decent shots.

Enough with the excuses here are some of the photos that was worth posting.

The place was impressive and the craving to try the velodrome grow stronger! Hopefully it won't be that far away before it's time to pedal a fixie seriously for the first time! =)


  1. Way cool!

    Love the super saturated black and white shot!

  2. Yeah, just to watch was cool, can imagine biking is even cooler! :)

    Pity it was a short visit, met the Lindbergs crew just as I was about to leave, they looked excited!

    Thanks! I looks very minimalistic, a bit Kraftwerkisch, sometimes the faild photos turn out good. ;)

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