Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lens envy?

Do you only got a measly 50mm lens? Want to look cool without spending a fortune on a expensive tele lens?

Then look no further! With a few extension tubes, a extender, a bunch of filters and by finnishing it all with a lens hood you're home!

There might be some minor drawbacks like, no ability to focus and the possibility that you will never be able to know what you shot since every photo will be blurry but that a small price to pay for the cool factor!

Starting from the camera body and going outward, there is the following parts:
1 - 2x NAS Teleplus MC4 extender
2 - Vivatar 20mm extension tube ( AT-3/AI )
3 - Vivatar 12mm extension tube ( AT-3/AI )
4 - Vivatar 36mm extension tube ( AT-3/AI )
5 - Nikkor AF-D 50mm/f1.8 lens
6 - Hoya 52mm +4 close-up filter
7 - Hoya 52mm +2 close-up filter
8 - Hoya 52mm +1 close-up filter
9 - Hoya 52mm Skylight (1B) filter
10 - Hoya 52mm Center-spot filter
11 - Hoya 52mm Cross screen filter
12 - Hoya 52mm Diffuser filter
13 - API-Apinar 52mm UV-filter

Just hit me that I forgot to use the Hoya 52mm Circular polarizer! Well, think I made my point anyway. ;)

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