Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extreme Frame Makover!!!

Inspired by the fantastic tv show Extreme Home Makeover I decided to give my Giant Regin a thorough makeover. ;)

Well, not really, the makeover it isn't that extreme and certainly NOT inspired by EHM!

I will however turn over my Reign frame and some parts to the local paint shop for some new paint and coating, I hope they will paint the parts better than me. I can reveal it will be two colors.

I have some minor details to fix and do some masking before it's ready to hand over to the paint shop.

Lower legs of the Rock Shox PIKE SL fork.
Rear swing(?):
Main frame (Pun intended!)

Rear rim, Mavic XM317:
Front rim, Alexrim 32FR:
There are some larger scratches that should be filled but I don't have the patience or time to do it, hopefully they won't show up looking that bad and the new paint should blind everyone with awe so they won't notice either! ;)


  1. Didn't find any powder coat painters in the neighborhood so I will go with a two-component paint, got a deal for 500sek.

    Thought it would be worth it compared to try to spray can paint it my self. I suspect the primer, paint and clear coat paint would cost more than 500:- if I would buy it in the shop!

    I past the point of no return now... ;)

  2. 500:- sounds like a pretty good deal! 2 comp paint should hold up pretty good too, a whole lot better than spray can for sure.

  3. Yikes. :D

    Masking out the eyelets on the rims?

  4. Nah, don't have the patience for that, I'll scrape off the paint if necessary, hopefully there won't be paint on the inside of the eyelets.

    I have enlarged the cable guide holes though, so I can use uninterrupted cabel hosing. =)

  5. Smart move, uninterrupted cable housing is the shite!