Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Catalogue has landed!

Finally after several attempts UPS managed on Monday deliver my packet containing The Catalogue by Kraftwerk + bonus T-shirt and a extra T-shirt on the "side". :)

The agony to watch the incompetence displayed by UPS was unbearable, specially since the first delivery attempt was done on Thursday and they claimed that my address was not found!?!

Both called and mailed UPS a new delivery address and my mobile phone number and still on Friday they tried to deliver to the first address and failed again! They didn't even give me a call!

So I had to wait the whole weekend, time I could have used to listen to the CD:s, before I got my hands on the packet! Unfortunately I have not had the time to listen to the all the CD:s yet but the ones I have listened too sounds fantastic! well spent money! =)

The package is the most elaborate one I ever had the fortune to handle when it comes to CD-boxes and the booklets are pure art! Everything is crafted with German precision, as can be seen on the video. Took a few attempts before I got the hang of how to get the CD out of the pocket! After that it was a breeze.

Unpacking procedure:

The Catalogue, by K R A F T W E R K.

The package contains digitally remastered versions of:
1 - Autobahn
2 - Radioactivity
3 - Trans Europe Express
4 - The Man Machine
5 - Computer World
6 - Techno pop
7 - The Mix
8 - Tour de France

The verdict? Sehr gut!


  1. I'll have to order one of those later on!

    Love the cog outline on the TdF-CD! :)

  2. Cool box. Sad though that the music sucks bigtime!

  3. Tobbe: Yes, nice touch! :)

    Johan: Version with electric guitars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Tsas9pTSI

  4. i love kraftwerk...when i find the perfect concrete tunnel to ride pugsley through for a film i will use kraftwerk...

  5. Not sad that Johan Andersson is a knobhead