Wednesday, January 6, 2010

090606 - Photos

Continuing my "6 month ago" photos, all of them is taken at a short photo excursion I made to a small pond around 10 minutes from home. During the short time I was there I got both sun and rain, a regular summer day in Sweden. :)

First a woodpecker, not sure what kind, that I eventually scared away when trying to get closer.

Second, a duck of some sort that swam in the pond, back and fourth, and diving every 2-3 minutes and then shake the water off. Didn't manage to get close enough for a good shot and the sun refused to shine so that I could make use of the apertures I needed to get sharp shots with the Sigma 70-300mm APO.

Got tired of waiting for light so I did some macro instead. Some poor moth was my next victim.
Next up was some flowers and insects.
Recommend viewing this one in full size, the facets in the eyes clearly visible.The macros shot with the Nikon Nikkor 60mm/f2.8 AF, my sharpest lens by far! Too bad the reach is so bad, have to get me a 150mm or more macro...

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