Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Few moments fom Dublin...

Running out of time so there won't be much text! =)

Approaching Ireland, the clouds starts to scatter!

Sunday morning, sunshine!

Morning coffee, Martina and Kristian.

At the market by the sea.

Crepes with mini marshmallows and chocolate, we took ones with ham, eggs and cheese, yummy! :)

Part of the pier.

Climbing around the hills at the coast.

The pier from above.

Monday, getting to Dublin solo. Waiting for the bus.

At one of the big shopping streets.

Lot's of parks in the city.

More shopping malls.

Christmas choir.

Tourist information.

Christmas decorations.

At the university area.

Fakenger? ;)

Same park again.

Irish National Library. Impressive!

The men's room at the same place.

Getting dark.

One of many bridges.

The "river"

Huge Christmas tree.

Busy street.

Simpsons dinner. :)


  1. Dublin looks nice! Or maybe it's just your pics? But Simpsons dinner?!? Wtf?

  2. Nice!

    I hope you've been to the M&S and changed the order of the letters! :D