Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ETA anno 2009

A few shots from this years ETA auction. I managed to salvage a battery charger, a big one for cars and motorcycle batteries. With both 6/12V and car/motorcycle battery switch.

After the auction was over I bought a cluster of maintenance free 12v batteries (7AH), however just one seems to respond to charging. Did I mention the weighed a ton (each), right after I bought them I was informed that the car that was supposed to pick us up after the auction was cancelled because we were too many who were about to go and get something to eat so the option was to carry the batteries with me in a gym bag.

The straps on the bag were in the verge to snap off and frankly I wasn't that keen on dragging the batteries with me to the restaurant so I hid them near Chalmers for a later pick up, when we had a car. :)

From Recently Updated
To my surprise no one had snatched the batteries while I was gone... ;)

I have no clue where they got all the laboratory equipment from but there was a LOT of strange glass thingies for sale. Coolest of them all was a ginormous distillation column that would have given any home some class. =)

Actually there were to of them, big ones but in the boxes were a lot of small stuff capable to distillate!

The day before I finally got the chance to taste some Rochefort 10 at a small "pub" called Tre små rum, the small 33cl bottle was expensive but it was well worth it! :)

Just annoying that it probably will take a loooong time before I will drink it again!


  1. R10 will set you back SEK 39,50 each. Just go to the Ludvika Systembolag and ask them to order some bottles of number 1627.

    Or you could have gone to any of the three Systembolag in Gothenburg that have them in stock. Closest one to us is in Gävle. But no extra charge to make Ludvika sell you some...

    I try to keep some at home all times, so that's also an option. Just let me know in advance since I can't keep them in the fridge 'cause then I'll just drink them. :D

  2. Nooo! Why did you write that?! Now I will become a Belgian beer addict! ;)

    Just hit me, time to buy my self a christmas gift, nothing to do with this. ;)