Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1:st ride..

First bike ride in a while, only enough light at daytime during the weekends and this weekend I was in Gotheburg.

But today when the sky was blue and the sun was shining I could not hold my self from taking a hour off during lunch and go for a short ride. It was now sub zero temperature for the first time in a long time, it's been raining for several days last week. Probably last chance to go for a ride before heading to Dublin for a weeks vacation!

Took my Pugsley, had the gearing changed some while ago so now was a good opportunity to see that things still held together. :)

Noticed that someone had put a gate on the usual passage over the trail rail, luckily it was a saloon type of hinge that goes both ways, just push it with the from wheel and you're thru! :)

Sorry about the bad shot, when I was to shoot it the first time I noticed I had forgot to put in the memory card in the camera...
The puddles was covered with a thin layer of ice.
A lovely day!
Well, time to climb up the hill... Been some minor logging next to the trail.
Noticed that my stamina was not as good as it was a few weeks ago, must bike more often.
Took some shots while getting my breath back.
The cold weather hasn't yet frozen the ground thoroughly.
Half way up...

Not only was is constant climb, I had no navigate through the mud too.
The high tech holder for my GPS-tracker.
Finally over the hill and time for some trails going down hill! =)
Had to walk up some of the trails that was going up, my pedals was getting slippery from ice that froze on the surface and I did not have my clip on shoes since they were still damp from the last ride two weeks ago!! I'm drying them right now!
Yes! A long trail going down!
Then, I hit this!
I was deep and slushy.
And further on it looked like this!
Well, made it past the ocean of Mud and was rewarded with this sight.
After that there was a really steep and fast trail so no shots of that but this is what it looked like when I came out of the forest.
A boring transport on tarmac it was just a matter of rounding the small pond and get home again.
But there were still some more mud to push through.
Now I was a bit late and slightly stressed but had to take one more shot before hurrying home.


  1. Nice with some Sun (capital s required this time of year)! Around these parts it's been snowing and about -10. If the Sun makes an appearance I'll get some shots during lunch.
    And duuuude, that bodged rear fender is pure class :-)

  2. Yeah, the Sun is shy these days, better make the best of it. :)

    Hehee... Sorry about the fender. ;)
    Butt ugly, but it saves me a lot of cleaning.

    I should have saved my precious workout hour for today, seems like cold weather has frozen the ground all nigh long and the ground should be hard by now...

  3. I looked at my bikes this morning...