Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bilss in the Blizz

Didn't manage to avoid the first real snow by escaping to Dublin. Thankfully I however made it home from the airport before the main part of the snow poured down.

On Tuesday I took an extra hour during lunch to make a short (really short) ride on the snow. It was no picnic, had to work hard for every meter on the trails. :)

There was a light snow fall when I got out.

The tele makes it look like there is more snow in the air than there actually was.

Made it down on to the ice but there was no chance it would carry my weight so I skipped biking straight over the 'pond'. ;)

I used ISO 1200 and I think I might over sharpened the image slightly, the spokes looks strange...

Didn't manage to be first out on the fresh snow...

Even the less used trail was "disturbed".

The wet areas was covered with snow and had not yet frozen.

The small stream was flowing too.

Looks almost like a mirror running through the forest.

Plowing through the snow...

On the other side of the pond.

profile shot, think the bike by now were a few kilos heavier. ;)

A final photo over another lake, did a small de tour to lenghten the ride slightly, as seen on the GPS-plot.



  1. Lovely shots as per usual. Especially vr11.jpg does it for me.
    In Piteå it's minus 20 motherf*ckin degrees. That's a no go for biking :-/

  2. Thanks! -20?!? Damn, I thought it was cold here right now with -9!

    There should be a law against such thing or something. ;)

  3. Bring on the cold! I want a nice layer of snow-free ice on Väsman! :D

  4. You don't need -20 for getting ice... :(

  5. Well, I want the ice at least 5 cm thick by Saturday morgning. :D After that it can stay at -5°C and no more snow!

  6. Ooops, spells as bas as you (what's "bilss"?). ;)