Friday, December 18, 2009

Alien avatar...

James Cameron is back in his former, good shape! Just back from the movie theatre where I saw Avatar, visually simply stunning! Even if it was playing way over two hours the time flew past.

I tried to keep my expectations low on this movie but some where back in my mind I suppose I expected to see a great sci-fi movie and despite that, my expectations were full filled, sure there were moments that might been unnecessary long or rewarding it was well worth the money!

And even if the message of the movie is a bit obvious the story is quite good.

Actually most impressed by how well the movements was on all the CGI, the "humans" and the animals were amazing. That's usually what's hardest to get right and what in most cases makes or brakes if you believe what you see, so to say. Looking forward to see it again and that's the best grade I can give it. ;)


  1. Cool! We're planning to see it in 3D when we get to Stockholm this weekend...

  2. Hope I will have the time to go see it in 3D too, think Borlänge was the closest to show it in 3D. Have to get my paycheck first! ;)