Friday, November 13, 2009

New shiny parts!

Finally I got my parcel from Chain Reaction Cycles! The order was shipped the 3:rd this month and I got it today, on Friday 13:th, ten days later...

4m of Shimano XT outer cable.
Two Shimano XT cable inner wire.
One rear Shimano XT M770 rear shifter pod.
One Shimano XT M770 11-32 cassette.
One Shimano XT Rear Derailleur Shadow M772 GS Medium Cage

A pair of Formula ORO disc pads.
A Shimano XT Disc Hub Rear M756 36h Black 6-Bolt, that was supposed to be a 32h.. Have to get it exchanged.
Finally, three 120ml bottles with Finnish Line wet lubricant, might come handy now that the winter is approaching too fast! =)
All and all for ~2700:- Sek, and everything came in a disappointingly small package! Two of the Finnish Line bottles had leaked in the box, luckily the caps were in place, but just almost!

Too bad I can't start building until I get the 36hole hub exchanged to a 32hole. :(


  1. Yep, two rubber fingers to use to stop the brake rotor. ;)