Thursday, November 5, 2009

First contact...

This morning the ground was covered here and there with white spots of snow. First snow after the summer, can't say I like it but it was a opportunity to go and field test my new Franken-Fenders!

Ugly as hell but they did their work, one drawback though, my floor in the hall is really wet after the snow has melted from the fenders...

Managed to make a minor "bail-out-accident" on the slippery snow and hit some sensitive parts in the groin area. *ouch*

Had to take some macro photos while waiting for the pain to settle...



  1. Sweet...or something. I know it´s unavoidable but still, why must it snow?!? I'm moving to the south of Spain, now there's "winter" I can stand :-)

  2. *puh* Was afraid it was gonna be macro photos of the hurting groin! ;)

    Brush away as much snow as possible before going inside and then let the bike drip on a couple of towels. Works great!

  3. Hahaa... Don't know if to call you captain obvious or captain scary, of course I brush off as much of the snow as possible, I think you underestimate how much snow the framkenfenders collects on the inside. =)

    Now all the snow is just mush, no suprice... :(