Monday, November 16, 2009


Spent part of the Sunday to drive around Grängesberg and visit some of the less attractive parts of the village. Visited three different areas. Here's a few "teasers". ;)

I'll be posting more later...

First I was to Källfallet then to Öraberget.
After that I drove up to "Västra".Well, I went to a fourth place at the mining museum, some nice buildings and vehicles there.

The grey weather sure did it's part to give that gloomy look to the photos.


  1. Grängesberg? You sure? Looks like any of the less flourishing parts of the former soviet union...

  2. Oooh! The tank looks great!

    Micke: I'd say former soviet union is waaay better. ;)

  3. I think communim was invented in Grängesberg! ;)


    The tank look like a metallic elephant. =)