Sunday, November 22, 2009

Borlänge by bike...

Got an SMS yesterday asking if I was interested in some biking on Sunday, were eating at the moment so I suppose my mind wasn't as razor sharp it usually is so I answered "yes".

This was the result:

It became almost a 40km ride around Borlänge "slätten", very nice roads and scenery!

There was some moist in the air when I left Ludvika, had to visit Kupolen first and buy new pants to keep me somewhat dry after I forgot the old ones in the broom car after the Tour de Retard. Ended up spending way more than planned but the soft pants felt super! Hopefully they will last as long as the previous ones.

Anyway, after coming out from the mall the rain was pouring down! Yeay...

Well, buy the time we started the ride, the rain had ended and it took all the way back to Borlänge before it started again so considering the rain threat it was totally ok! :)

Biking on roads is dirty business! Had to buy me a pair of fenders at Biltema, thought it could be worth 29:90:- :)

After the bike we ended up at the Greek restaurant with both FruSomfan, AlfSomfan and Robert, bumped in to Robert at Jula, where I bought a pair of hooks for hanging up bikes on the wall (more about that later) and he asked if there were any interest to eat after the bike ride.
Good thing I ordered a extra stick with grilled chicken! Very tasty! :)

Another nice Sunday spent!

Unfortunately I only managed to track about half the ride with the GPS, somehow I had put the sportsTracker on pause. Here's the plot anyway:


  1. I spent the weekend in the sofa, mostly asleep...

  2. I would probably have done the same, or I would had cleaned the appartment. Or maybe not. :)