Friday, October 30, 2009

New stuff for old gear...

Installed latest Ubuntu v. 9.10 on my HP ZD7000 draggable "Lap Top". Not sure if it was the switch to ext4 filesystem or other software bundled in the distro but Ubuntu started to warn about the state of the hard drive, it was loosing a lot of clusters.

Decided to look around for some replacement drive, found a 160GB, 2.5", Samsung Spinpoint for roughly 500Sek, hopefully it will work without problems. If the computer had been a few years newer I would gone for a 7200rpm drive but I think this 5400rpm drive with 8MB cache will be a speed booster anyway compared to the old 80GB drive...

Just hit me that the ZD7000 probably is the most expensive computer I have owned, did no upgrades during the two years it took to pay it off but shortly after that I started to get mysterious shutdown and they came more and more frequently until I managed to isolate the problem to the SODIMM memory modules. Bought a single 1GB SODIMM and after that I got rid of the problems, until now with the flaky HD. Must remind my self not to pour money into obsolete computer gear anymore! ;)

New drive, old drive, the old Hitachi (bless you!) drive was a mere 4200rpm drive!

Seems to work fine!

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