Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long time no see...

Went out for a ride after work today, wasn't sure what trail to take and I ended up biking a trail that was a time ago since i visited last time.

At the end of the ride I noticed that I had my camera set for ISO 2000, so the photos is a bit grainier than usual... *Doh!* :)

The mansion.
Skuthamn trail.Fitted the new light on the bike, had some use of it at the end of the ride, still haven't used it in full darkness.

Starting to get up the hill.
Admiring the view.
Continuing the climb.
Coffee pot trail?
Made it to the top!
Forest graffiti...
Found a huge hole in the ground!
And a really BIG bird! Regret I didn't have a zoom lens on the camera. :(
Some kind of large owl? (Berguv?)
Past Skuthamn again.
The route:
Trip profile:

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