Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kayak competition...

Tobbe asked me if I was interested to see some kayaking in Falun this Saturday, I said sure. Thought it would be nice to see some kayak action and perhaps shoot some photos while at it. :)

So yesterday we drove off towards Falun and after some "minor" detours we got there to see the last competition, sprint.


  1. Nice! Too bad we missed the slalom event. :/

  2. Thanks! Yeah, had been fun to see, I think...

  3. Nice pictures! Is it ok if I link to your blog in an article about the event on I saw that you had commented in the guestbook, but the activity there is very low so I think few will see it.


  4. Thanks! =)

    Yeah, no problem, feel free to link!

  5. Thanks! Maybe I could even put a picture in the article, would that be ok?

  6. You're welcome! It's ok with a photo in the article as long as there is a note somewhere that the photo is taken by me. :)