Thursday, August 20, 2009

Money, money, money...

Yesterday I went to the bank to cash in some coins I have been piling up from me emptying my pockets from coins that I get back in change.

Too bad I didn't know it was the day all the old people got their pension! Well, after getting the waiting ticket and realizing there would be a 30 minute wait I took another waiting ticket for matters not being payments or withdrawals, there the line was only 5 minutes!

I use the banks Internet service so there is a small token that has to be used in conjunction with the login for security reasons and the token had some problems with the display so I brought it with me. It took only five minutes to get a new token, the only drawback was that it was a another one than the one I had before and the new one requires more operations to do the same thing, oh well, at least now I can pay my bills again. :)

Had to wait another 20 minutes to get the coin-money to my account, took like 1 minute for the clerk to do that. Every time one doesn't have to go to the bank is a bliss!

After getting back from the bank and all the waiting I realised that I had forgot to get my credit card with a broken security chip fixed! DOH!

Thankfully, later the queue was significally shorter.

But to make it even more awkward I manage to get the same person that served me just a few hours ago! She asked why I didn't mention the broken chip when I was there the first time... Too little coffee in the morning?! :)

I was a bit worried that I would loose the picture-on-the-card photo I had ordered on my credit card. It's a service where you can get a optional image printed on your card, but it turned out that I will get the same image on the new card, I just hope I will get it this week since I will be in Åre next week...

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  1. I give all my coins to the Pizza man, he loves coins. :D