Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let it Reign!

Went out for a short photo session this afternoon and after eating and getting some coffee I decided to go for a ride and try find a trail that a colleague told me about.

The dark clouds had been piling up on the sky but not real rain to talk about.

Didn't come that far before the rain started to pour down!

Here it was still dry.
Now the rain started to get worse.
Almost back home again. When getting close to Ludvika it was almost dry. At this point I was soking wet from the rain and glad I took the Olympus and not my DSLR!
Kaffeholmen in silhouette.
Didn't take long for the rain to catch me up again.
The route plotted out in google maps.
The downhill tires were as fun as always on the asphalt road back home. ;)

Too bad I didn't manage to explore the trail today. Well, I'll leave it for a sunny day!

One shot from the photo session.
100% crop of the bug.

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