Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Space for rent!

Ordered a second 1TB hard drive last Friday and today I got a text message that I could come and get I at the post office, while I was shopping for the drive I somehow managed to buy a pair of speakers for the computer that I've been oogling a while but have not been able to justify.

When I got the box it looked a tad too tiny to contain both the speakers and a drive and that suspicion turned out to be correct when I opened the box, in it was only the drive!

Called the company where I ordered the stuff from and after 15 minutes waiting in queue I got to speak to a human and it turned out that they have sent two separate packages! How about writing that in the order status on-line?! Well, the speakers will probably land in the post office tomorrow..

Old drive and new drive. Total of 2TB of diskspace, a dream just a few years ago! =)

Been formatting the new one to NTFS the last two hours now, should be ready soon so I can start the copying process and give Tobbe back "his" drive...


  1. Holy storage space Batman! Now you can continue to snap away with that camera of yours :-)

  2. Yes! Will hopefully last a couple of month! :)

  3. I wan't to be sure the drive is formatted properly and thoroughly!

  4. Bah! I've done a quick format every time the last seven years or so - which is a lot of drives by now. And never a problem.

  5. Yes, that sound like a guarantee that it will always work!

    If it was for some one else or just crap files I wouldn't care, however it's for my photos so I do what I can to make sure it's going to work.

    Drives today are reliable and should work fine from the factory but then again, aeroplanes are not supposed to crash...