Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So now project NAB! has started (Not another bike!). It's not like I don't have enough bikes or too little spare time, I have to build one more... Planned use will be for smother trails and perhaps some forest roads.

This one is based on my first full suspension frame I bought, a Azonic Propulsion frame that almost spent more time in the repair shop than on the trail. Broke the frame twice and now there is a small crack in the chain stay in the swing but it seems to keep from growing. *fingers crossed*

I got hold of a boxed and unused Rock Shox Psylo Race fork this weekend, now I just have to get some more parts like shifters, disc brakes, a saddle and a front wheel and I'm almost done.

Last night I transplanted a spare 36h Shimano rear XT-hub that was left over from an other project into to a front wheel replacing a worn Shimano HB-M475 front hub, thanks to Shimano for using the same flange sizes! Was a bit worried first that the spokes might not be usable for the rear since it's a bit offset but it was well within the specs.

A shot before I centered the rim in the frame.
Hmm, think that wheel is a bit off-center right now...
Think I'll go for a 1x7(8-9?) gear setup, hopefully I won't need any chain guide in the front. Planning a trip to Biltema this evening to buy the rest of the needed parts...


  1. You do realize that you've put that wheel the wrong way round in the frame don't you? :-)
    Did you hear that? It was another crack in that poor frame :-P

  2. Damn, thought nobody would notice that! =)

    Good thing I didn't center it that way. :)

  3. That's probably a very good thing :-)

  4. I've found it more easy to center the wheels in the truing stand, but perhaps yours differ from mine. Just turn the wheel around and see how much the rim moves and in what way.

    After that the spoke tensiometer comes in handy to decide whether to tension or loosen the spokes to move the rim.

    Send a PM to Plush, perhaps he can repair the crack in the weld?

  5. I do my wheel trailerpark-style and they have held up so far and have turned out straight enough for my needs. =)

    I can't deny that proper tools would probably make it easier to build wheels but as long as I don't know how much easier I can live with it. ;)