Thursday, May 7, 2009

Energy management ...

Chinese buffet for lunch (way too good), sushi for dinner and finishing off with a visit to the local café...

Not good for weight loss! =)

Since the rain was moving on and the sun shined I took the Pug for a short, one hour ride to try fight off some of the calories from all the food, what a waste!

Took the trail over Biskopsnäset, felt great to have the stamina to keep the speed up, the lack of snow perhaps did it's part in that.. :)

Stopped at Skuthamn to take a few shots before the sun set.

Not many minutes left before the sun went under the horizon as i got there.
The self timer in the Nokia phone works great with a loud signal when the photo is taken but my aiming could have been better.
Time to go home.
There was a bit cold wind but it felt just refreshing in the forest, and kept the bugs (mosquitoes) away! =)