Monday, May 4, 2009

Borlänge by bike...

A few days ago I g got a text message from Alfsomfan if I saw interested in a bike ride on Sunday in Borlänge, sounded like a good idea. What sort of biking was however not decided, there was a option between road bike or mountain bike.

On Sunday morning it was decided to go with the mountain bike option and go pay the local BMX-track and dirt track a visit.

We started with a trail just a few meters from the house. I had shoot some HDR-images the evening before so I had put the camera on manual focus so the first ten photos looked something like this.

Well, after noticing the error I managed to get a few shots at the BMX-track. A abandoned bike was left behind by somebody..

After Alf had told me that he had never seen anybody use the excellent track the area got invaded by children and some parents! :)

Alfsomfan helping a biker with a loose chain.

Some fruit trees in the middle of the track was blooming.

After getting exhausted biking around the track and competing with the kids the hunger started to grow, we went to a pizza place nearby called Capri, one of the best pizzas I had in Borlänge! Excellent Hawaii with real ham and fresh tomatoes, highly recommended!

Since we we near the dirt pit we got there to check it out, the place was also full of kids in different ages, all with bikes, looks like there will be some good bikers here in a few years if they keep it up! This old fart tried one of the more sensible jumps.

Few of the kids.

Then I was off to Biltema and get a new chain to Alfsomfan's single speed bike, the old chain had a few stuck chain links.

Then there was some climbing back up the mountain that we had descended in the beginning. Some trail "cleaning" included.

After reaching the top there was finally some trails that didn't include climbing, a few wet passages here and there however.

After a while we reached a small lake and there was a nice trail round the side of the lake.

After almost 5 hours we were back at the house and the bikes got a well deserved clean up!

A excellent day on the bike! Many kinds of biking, a visit to Biltema, some bike repairing and a very good pizza in the middle of it all! :)

On the way home to Ludvika from Borlänge I felt I was getting hungry again and I wasn't that keen on the idea to make dinner when I got home so I checked if I got the number to the local pizzeria stored in my cell phone and of course it was. :)

Ordered a kebab in bread before I was in Ludvika and by the time I passed the pizzeria the kebab was ready to take home! It went down fast complemented with a beer from Trollebo! =)

I'll see if I can manage to create something useful of the video shorts I recorded and post it here later.

Video! =)

More photos available at the webbalbum:


  1. You need to write Alflikesatan in English as well!

    Seems like a well spent Sunday, disappointed you did not go for a second pizza though. Mmm, pizza... Think I need to pay Fadhi at Flamenco a visit on my way home from work soon...

  2. Vitamin P ftw!
    Looks like a really nice sunday.

  3. =)

    Yeah, it was a Sunday well spent!