Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time flies by...

Got back from Spain this Saturday, I was soo tired. Going up 4 in the morning after having a goodbye party and then travel for 14 hours sure takes it's toll!

Amazing trip, not much time over for anything else than biking and documenting, still a great break from the daily round. =)

One of few photos involving me, ripping down the Greg Minaar track in Granada, Spain.
Photo shot by Tobbe.
Crazy fun trail! Gets a bit dangerous as the speed increases every run and you get cocky...

On Sunday I went to my parents and had dinner, when I was about to go home I remembered my father had a old Crescent racer and I asked if he still had it some where, luckily it was stored in the backyard shed.
After working through the garden furniture and carrying them out of the shed I was able to get hold of the bike. Loaded it in my bike and got home.

Fitted it with my "el cheapo" German bought Shimano WH-R500 wheels

The butt ugly (pun intended) saddle just had to go, have to adjust the handlebars, get new handlebar tape and strip it from some junk.

Tried to adjust the saddle height but the seat post was stuck!
I fastened the seat post in a vice and used the whole bike as a lever and this was the result...
The vice is pure crap so I don't get enough grip just pinning the seat post tube so I have to come up with another solution.

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