Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lots of shots!

Thought I was going to fall a sleep at work, don't know why but I can't get to sleep at night even if I'm dead tired. I blame the sun, daylight savings time and spring fever! ;)

So to prevent falling asleep I got home earlier and got out on my bike, brought the D90 armed with my new Nikon Nikkor 35mm/f1.8lens, of course!

100% crop of the sign in the shot above.
A nice day!

No sign of declining economy here.Finally found a trail after negotiating through a forest logging area.
Some debris on the snow.
And on the trail.
Just love the bokeh of this lens.
The water hole. ;)
Focuses pretty close too.
More details close up.
The snow was just mush.
The smallest bit off the beaten trail and it was a quick stop in the loose snow.
The sun getting low.
The water level getting really low to prevent flooding when the snow starts to melt en masse.
Talking about melting.
More drops.
Back at Kaffeholmen.
Like how this almost look like a tilt-shift image. =)
Heather up close.
The ground is starting to defrost...
Scaring some ducks, again...
More ducks.

Old shed.
Old car, a Opel, not sure about the model.
Not far from home now!
Hope it's not long before I can ditch the shoe covers!
The 35mm lens feels much more versatile than the 50mm even if both is prime lenses and can't be zoomed. Think it will be on the camera a lot, a lot more than the 50mm one. Haven't found any real flaw yet, it's fast, sharp, excellent bokeh and color rendition.

Read that some thought it had some distortion that was annoying, will try some "architectural" shots and it should be revealed. =)

Now I'm going to try catch some sleep!


  1. Oooh, nice splash! Really good!

    Was the trails in that area rideable or still too soft?

  2. Thanks! Liked it too, was worth wet feets. ;)

    Yes and no, where there had been shade the trail was enjoyable but as soon as you got where the sun had managed to shine on the trail it was mushy, not even the enomorphs helped then. :(