Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Gear is here!

So after almost two weeks since the order at I got a big box from the delivery dude at 10:40 am!

There was even some stuff in it! Like an easter egg! =)
Everything ordered seemed to have been packed correctly.
Just had to try my scuba m... I mean goggles!
I hope it looks better with the helmet on. I spare you the sight of me in the pressure suit! =)

Good thing the pressure suit fitted, that one worried me the most. Funniest thing was the Azonic shorts, they looked great but was size 28, I really have to read up on US/UK sizes! It was the only size available so I thought it was a "one size fits all" size but I could hardly pull them past my thighs! Now I only have to find a pair of decent shorts before the Spain trip...

I want my bike shorts to have loose fit but these were like tights on me! Yes, I will spare you the sight of that too! :)


  1. Show me the Manni!

    Show me the Manni in pressure suit and tight shorts!

    Perhaps Ryddan can use the shorts?

    Hope my seat post clamps fit this time, I need to raise the saddle on the 29er. :D

  2. Hmm, probaply could fit Ryddan, I have a potential buyer here at work too, wonder what Ryddan might pay if he's interested of the shorts?

    No showing! =)

    Two clamps here on my table, they lo♠ok ok.

  3. Creful what you wish for! ;)

  4. Still no photos of the Manni in pressure suit and tight shorts!?

  5. Ok, it was funny once or twice but we better stop it already before Harri actually does it :-O