Friday, April 17, 2009

2 pack or not 2 pack...

Update 2:
As always, at the last moment, have started to pack the bags for the Spain trip.
Think I will come close to the weight limit, we'll see if I have to skip something...

The stuff seems to fit at least, Tetris skillz to the rescue! :)
Some internal lubricant can't hurt either?

Quite nice beer, Ekholmens Ekologiska Ale from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, lots of hops flavour, something I usually don't like, but still not totally that Pale Ale taste i dislike. A bit on the expensive side, 29SEK, still cheaper then a regular lager in a bar! :)

Gargh! The weight limit for one bag is 23kg, when I weight the bag alone on my personal scale, it says 23kg, when I step on the scale it adds 22.8. Perhaps a bit close to call it safe? Maybe I'll take the chance and be prepared to pay for the extra weight? I really don't know what to drop to get under 22.

The Camera bag is full too, I should however also be allowed to carry hand baggage, perhaps I can fill it up with clothes? Should shave of a couple of kilos to get on the right side of 23...

Yes! Got down to a more reasonable 20kg by moving stuff to hand baggage. After that it suddenly hit me that I have to unmount the pedals from one of my bikes to bring them with me, that will bring up the weight a bit..

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