Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tile time.

Tuesday evenings are game evenings. Mahjong is the game, it has been going so-so but the last two games sessions it has started to go better, managed to score some points going mahjong but not getting any big scores! =)

The scores was extremely even after several rounds but this evening there was a jackpot, will take some luck to try catch up! We had call the "Mahjong Guru" to settle how much points I should get after getting a mahjong with all my tiles still on hand. It did how ever, not give that much points after all. Well, soon the second full game will be over. Fun fun! :)


  1. Perhaps you should take it easy with that loosing weight thing? ;)

  2. I am, I have hit a 98 kg plateau this week. :(

  3. Intressting, same here, finally managed to get under 101 once again today, were back to last weeks weight since the weekend...