Friday, February 6, 2009

WWL take #2

What? Didn't I just post this video? Yes, a Vimeo version, this one is available in high definition on my youtube-channel:

Uploaded the same version as on Vimeo to Youtube but the sound got disabled on Youtube because of 'copyright violation'. :(

While speaking of Youtube I wonder what the developers have been smoking lately? For some unknown reason they have now introduced a extremely annoying 'annotations editor and the only way to switch it off is to click the line under the video, BUT, the next time you watch a video it's back on again!! FFS!!!

Not only does it occupy a part of the video it slows down less powerful computers and changes the mouse pointer to some kind of rifle sight! Perhaps if I could use it to virtually 'shoot' at the person who made this up it could be usefull!

Not only this, when switching to the HD-version of the video the annotiations editor can't be switched off! Ok, I don't mind new functions but I when it's annoying and I can't switch it off it sux! I sincerely wish they make it possible to turn this crap off!

So if you know how to permanently turn the annotiation-crap off, please tell me!!

Sorry, back to the video. Last night I spend some while to find a tune that might pass youtube's copyright filters and actually get uploaded with the sound intact, figured this one might do it since its over 50 years old!

Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap - From 1957!

Think it got better with the new tune and with the muting of the music while the dog barks. :)

(Double click takes you to the HD-version)

Shot with the Nikon D90 with a Sigma 10-20mm and edited in movie maker.

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  1. I've had the same thing with a Ry Cooder track, unlike REM that was good music. ;)

    I highly dislike anything that obscures the video frame, ie I don't like the new annotations editer either. Hope they change that shit (and leave the sound intact in my videos).