Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treat me!

Pastry of the day. After the sushi we went to the local cafe, spoiled my self with a glazed doughnut and to my surprise it was filled with vanilla cream! Deadly delicious! ;)

The red "dot" in the middle was a strawberry chocolate filled with chili fudge, should have skipped that one...


  1. You're dead wrong. That's a Zebras anus and the little red thing poking out, we'll, I don't even want to know!

    Quote of the day when you discovered the vanilla cream:

    Harri: Taste is just like an ass, it tastes best in the middle.

    Everybody else burst out laughing!

    Harri in a defensive tone: It was not I who said it, it was Anders!

    Everybody else still laughing hard, thinking this just got better and even more weird.

    Harri again: Anders is my colleague!

    Good times! :D

  2. Hmm, perhaps time for the first edit of comments? ;)

    It didn't sound that rude when told in swedish words!

  3. Dudes, horrible!

    Aside for your nastienss I wish we had Dunkin' Donuts in Sweden.

  4. Took a Dunkin' Donuts calendar when I visited one long time ago. Think it was in Rockford 1h drive from Chicago, 2005 or something. :)

    Perhaps it's a good thing DD doesn't exist here? :)

    Mmmmmm, donuts...