Sunday, February 22, 2009


Temperature was for the first time above zero degrees Celsius in a long time. Decided to take a short bike ride before dinner. During the night and morning it has been snowing so there was a lot of snow on the roads, didn't have much hope for getting on any trails today...

Got out around 14:30 and the snow was still falling.
As I feared the snow was deep where they hadn't plowed.
Headed for a forest road, luckily a car had passed not so long ago so I could keep up the pace.
The road is a few kilometers long.
It's been a while since last trash collection!
The snow was sticking to my rims!
Time for some posing.
Left some prints...
Wohoo! A short path of trail!
View through the reed...
View on the other side.
Liked the look of the white tree in the middle of the dark water.
Parked on the bridge.
Everything seems to go be shades of gray.Time to get going again, to my pleasant surprise the bike lane was recently plowed! :)
Stretched down and grabbed the water bottle, but when trying to take a sip my mouth was full of snow and this was the reason, the front wheel threw snow straight on the bottle, I had just passed the main road! *Bluargh!*
Back in Ludvika. Tried once again the snowmobile tracks at Skuthamn but I gave up pretty soon, very hard to ride and my strength was totally depleted!
Well, got a landscape photo.
The bike path near town was probably plowed earlier and had now a thick layer of snow on it.
Ludvika look deserted on a Sunday!
Then it took the shortest way home for a well deserved shower and dinner!

This ride turned out to be the most demanding ride of the year, so far. I was totally exhausted when I got home and soaking wet. Got home 15:30 so it was just an hour ride but felt like four hour ride! =)

Got some comments today, people asking if it was possible to ride a bike in these conditions? Duh! ;)


  1. Hehe. The most exhausting I did this weekend was to vacuum the floor. All of Sunday was spent in the sofa watching TV.