Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The non-problem problem.

(Updated) My trusty Nokia N73 just passed 2 years being in my possession. It has held up nice considering daily use and being dragged everywhere with me. The paint and coating looks like sh*t but function vise it works ok. Well, except the battery life, that has dropped to max two-three days without recharging but it's managable.

But there's always that nagging feeling about getting a new phone, the things that the N73 lacks is WiFi and a regular 3,5 mm phono-plug. And it's starting to feel a bit sluggish, not the fastest hardware exactly.

Things that would be a bonus, OLED-screen, QWERTY-keyboard, larger screen, GPS, touch screen and FM-transmitter. Well, I wouldn't say no to a iPhone but after Telia:s latest stunt, they raised the price of the iPhone, it's way too expensive to be considered. Looked around for other phones and the new Nokia N85 was tempting but it's as expensive as the iPhone... :(
I can't say I'm not intrigued by the Android concept either, looks promising but there are no phones available here right now and I suspect it too will be expensive.

Seems like I will be stuck with my N73 until it breaks or something affordable comes my way...

Found this on Engadget:

This looks interesting, the Nokia E55 Smart phone, even thinner than the others I had in mind, suit me perfect, has a 3,5 mm. head phone plug, WiFi, 28days standby! (GSM only though) 19 days with WCDMA.


  1. Choose wathever you want as long as you stick with Nokia S60 phones. I'm currently using E71 and is is awesome (except for the camera, but it's good enough, and you got a real camera you drag around everywhere anyway).

  2. I've had my Qtek 9100 since March 2006, changed the battery some weeks ago. Other than that, still going strong and no need for something new. Until it brakes.

  3. The E71 is a good option too, only used it for a few minutes, a friend has one. The keybord is excellent! Also the right form factor, flat and wide.

    The Qtek might have been nice, if it wasn't broken by default. ;)

    It's enough to have to work with M$-products...

  4. I were not suggesting you go and get a HTC, I was trying to point out that there is no need to get a new phone unless the one you already have is broken.

    Ask Robert. ;)

  5. True, true, but liking gadgets makes it tempting to get new gear, however other 'hobbies' has priority in my 'budget'. :)

    Robert's phone is steam powered...


  6. wait for the Nokia N97,,,, Worth waiting for..Look att youtube...

  7. N97 looks promising but expensive!