Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February at its finest!

It has been somewhat cold and gloomy weather the past weeks but the last two days the temperature has gone up above zero! Today is was warm even in the morning ans about noon the sun bursted through the clouds!

Decided to get out an hour during lunch...

Some one elses tracks in the snow.
My tracks in the snow.
Wohoo! Hard packed snow!
Let's roll down!

A short pause after a 'derailing'.
View backwards.
Time to get going again.
Ahhh! Such nice weather for once!
Over the bridge, met a boy with a Norwegian 'Bear dog' puppy, looked exactly like my fathers 'Karelian Bear dog' looked when it was a puppy! ;)
Avoided the ski tracks.
Ah, well, back home soon...
I want to bike more, I don't want to go in!!
Some ice build up on the pedals, perhaps I should have taken my 'SPD' shoes and not my regular winter boots.. Well, too late now that I were done.

The rest of the day in the office felt a bit better!

Oh, almost forgot the video:

(Hopefully youtube will process the video and it will look better in a while. (HD-version available!))